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    1. Abuela Lucy Secondary Disaster Relief

    Gets kids back to school in the poorest neighborhoods after hard hitting disasters.

    2. Abuela Lucy Life Sciences

    Improves educational opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds to excel in the life sciences.

    Four ways you can help

    Four ways you can help

    Four ways you can help provide disaster relief:


      Live near East Brunswick NJ? Drop off new or gently used items here.

      95 Tall Oaks Drive, Suite 100
      East Brunswick, NJ 08816


      Buy school supplies from our Amazon Wish List and they will be sent directly to us.


      Volunteer to pack supplies. Location to be determined. Sign up to be notified of dates and times.


      STEM Students Affected by Natural Disasters Need

      STEM Students Affected by Natural Disasters Need

      You can donate:

      1. Paper such as marble notebooks, drawing paper and looseleaf
      2. Sharpened pencils, pens, pencil cases erasers
      3. Crayons, markers, colored pencils and coloring books
      4. Rulers, kid’s scissors & glue sticks
      5. Small bottles of hand sanitizer
      6. Books (Gently used books in English most welcomed)
      7. Educational Toys (New or gently used, must NOT require batteries): Wood Blocks, Legos®, and Puzzles with all the pieces!)
      8. Backpacks (new or gently used)Math games and flashcards
      9. Teaching supplies such as stickers, highlighters, chalk, journals, portfolios
      10. Packing boxes

      Abuela Lucy Life Sciences Program

      The Abuela Lucy Life Sciences program provides grants and scholarships to educational institutions that support learners in the areas of biology and medicine. These fields, are underrepresented by diverse students, are essential to our daily lives.

      Our program has funded virtual labs, microscopes, field trips that bring children behind the scenes at healthcare facilities and educational seminars to primary, middle school and high school students in inner city schools.

      The Abuela Lucy Foundation is currently run by volunteers — so every donation goes a very long way.

      About Us

      About Us

      We strive to improve educational opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds to excel in the life sciences.


      20160919_120643The Abuela Lucy Foundation was established in response to addressing the needs of low-income families and diverse learners who wish to pursue additional education and careers in the life sciences. Abuela Lucy was an immigrant from Puerto Rico. She came to the United States in the late 1940s with only a third-grade education. That is what was available to women during that time period in Puerto Rico. Abuela Lucy persevered and learned English and developed additional skills in math. These skills allowed her to become a seamstress. Working long hours, she dedicated her life to helping her extended family come to the States, often neglecting her own needs. She encouraged her granddaughter and founder of the Abuela Lucy Foundation to pursue as much education as possible. In a time and culture where the education of a woman was deemed unnecessary and not likely to get you a husband, Abuela Lucy helped break those boundaries and supported the way for higher education within her immediate family. Her legacy has been honored as all her grandchildren have graduated college with many acquiring advanced degrees.

      The Abuela Lucy Foundation was established by a medical market research firm named KOLComm. A special commitment has been made to learners in the scientific fields, especially in the areas of biology and medicine. These fields, which are underrepresented by diverse students, are essential to our daily lives. By helping students pursue the life sciences, The Abuela Lucy Foundation hopes to impact the lives of students in significant ways.

      Find our 990 here

      Projects To Date

      Projects To Date

      We’re young & energized, join us and help us fulfill our mission!

      1.May 2015

      With the assistance of Diversity Alliance For Science microscopes were provided to inner city students to provide them with the initial understanding of the life sciences

      2.August 2015

      Students from YMWIC were given a tour of an ambulance specializing in Basic Life Support. Training and education required to become an emergency medical technician were reviewed and synergies with medical writing, physician therapy and other life science career were provided.


      Funding to Link Community School for additions to the school library and other essential school materials were provided to increase their student population.

      4. May 2016

      Inspired students to create a video about the pharmaceutical process and how drugs go to market.
      View on YouTube

      5February 2017

      Awarded a grant to the Life Sciences Secondary School for their virtual lab initiative.

      6Hurricane Maria Relief: Project Libros y Lápices

      We were able to send 10 pallets of school and medical supplies to the Missionaries of Charity and institutions such as Colegio San Carlo, Eladio Vega, and Antonio Badillo Elementary and Middle Schools in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
      View on YouTube

      7Partnership with the Medical Affairs Professional Society

      We are excited to be partnering with MAPS to create science labs in Puerto Rico schools. Stay tuned!

      Science Swag

      For bulk orders, contact 908-912-8980 for discount pricing.

      Contact Us

      Contact Us

      Have questions or want to get involved? Give us a call or email us.





      East Brunswick, NJ 08816

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